Where the Range Rover Shines

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An Excellent Combination of Power and Efficiency

When it comes to luxury performance SUVs, Land Rover has been one of the most popular manufacturers, and for a good reason. Below, we’ll briefly discuss some of the biggest improvements that were made to this already powerful vehicle.

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With the Range Rover Sport SVR,

range rover blogLand Rover made sure to make fuel efficiency a major priority for the SUV, and with a pair of hybrid powertrains, they accomplished that goal. This improvement not only gives drivers 31 miles to the gallon in electric driving range but also provides them with a spectacular 575 horsepower. The hybrid powertrains give drivers much more than a standard powertrain, and thanks to its supercharged V8 engine, the SUV is capable of 0 to 60 in nearly 4.3 seconds.

Being an SUV, Land Rover also knew that its SVR would be under intense scrutiny to live up to its reputation of being an SUV. Land Rover accepted that challenge and gave the Range Rover Sport SVR standard four-wheel drive with plenty of off-road features. With an 8.3-inch ground clearance and Wade Sensing system to alert you of high water levels, the Range Rover Sport SVR is everything you would hope it to be if you plan on taking it through various types of terrain.

While all of these features are great,

Where the Range Rover Sport SVR really stands out is its family-sized cabin and safety features to keep you and your family safe at all times. Being an SUV with potential everyday use, the Range Rover Sport SVR is equipped with standard safety features such as low-speed panic braking and lane-keep assist, as well as blind-spot monitoring to prevent you from unwanted accidents. Additionally, with a spacious interior and optional third row, the Range Rover Sport SVR is perfect for large families with passengers that need the extra space.

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