What Happens When Your Mechanic Quits

Posted by Carmine's ®

All these cool new ways for everyone to get the cheapest price they can. This seems to be the current trend. The issue with this will be the long term quality and care the customer receives. It will not be anywhere near as good. You hire some random mechanic off the street approved by a set of people that do not know these mechanics and are going just by their certifications and what they tell them at sign up. Then you pay this one mechanic a labor rate of $80 per hour!!! who has zero overhead but their toolbox and transportation? Weird.

Normal shops that have a credible hiring process and employee screened professionals that have lots of overhead will generally be between $80 to $150 per hour or not even charge by the hour. Just charge you by the job. Then they are selling you parts at wholesale prices. Oh that is really good for you long term. That means your warranty, if you even get one, will not be very long because there is no margin in those parts and the parts will most likely be extreme aftermarket parts not quality checked by anyone.

So go ahead. Hire one of these mechanics that could not be employed by a quality independent or dealership and have them work on your prized possession outside in front of your house. But make sure you ask them about liability. Who takes the risk? The mechanic? I don’t think so. The beauties at this company arranging these people to touch your car? If you are lucky. What happens when they hop on a plane and leave the country and your engine is still ticking? Well……You dial the number or email the sweet email this company has and hope you get a response? They are in California so don’t hold your breath. Before you know it they will sell themselves out like Tesla and you will be caught holding the bag.

Do yourself a favor. Instead of making this company a quick buck and thinking you are supporting local mechanics, turn around and find yourself a quality independent or dealership to take you car to. Just like purchasing something on an auction site. You are gambling unless you are dealing with professionals inside a real building with a real work shop. Do not risk this to think you will save a couple of bucks. Think real hard about it. Seems great. How is this one mechanic going to afford over $500,000 in troubleshooting equipment and specialty tools? How will they afford liability insurance? What if your car hurts them and they sue you? Yes. You! Forget mechanics. You need a technician and diagnostician who is a mechanic who graduated from shade tree and has been welcomed into the professional world to be employed at a quality independent or dealership. Go ahead. Save yourself some money now but pay much more later for a professional to straighten things out for you. Mechanics now. Doctors will be next thanks to colleges giving free hand outs to people without merit to join Medical schools. Have we all lost our minds? You have been warned.