Volkswagen Through the Years

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volkswagon repair ghiaA Personal History

Many auto enthusiasts and collectors have a fond personal history with the Volkswagen vehicle line–especially those who are beyond that “golden” age of 50 or individuals who love antique cars. Part of that group grew up riding in the open top storage compartment behind the seats of a Beetle (before child safety seats were mandatory or even recommended). Others smile at remembering those groovy days spent touring the country in a Volkswagen Bus (a.k.a. Hippie Van). Still more attended a movie in an open-air drive-in or indoor theatre for the first time to see one of the beloved “Herbie” movies. (Perhaps 53 is still your lucky number?) And who can forget their first trip to the circus where a seemingly endless stream of clowns piled out of a brightly colored “Bug?” Regardless of your own personal experiences, Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina, can help you with all your Volkswagen service and repair needs.

A World History

Aside from the fun, the automaker does indeed have a rich history. The first Volkswagen was not at all intended to be the iconic symbol of good times and humor that it became. In fact, its humble beginnings came in 1937 as “The People’s Car” in Third Reich era Germany. The idea was to provide an inexpensive car (for about the price of a small motorcycle) that nearly all German families could afford. World War II brought changes (a shift to military production and uncertainty as the factory was bombed and came under British control). However, the company not only survived, but it also became a symbol of unity and recovery as Germany moved forward after the war. By the 1960s, Volkswagen gained immense popularity even in the United States. The “winds of change” were blowing, as was evidenced by the expansion of models, many of which were named after major global wind patterns. Today, Volkswagen remains as a world auto power, producing all kinds of vehicles from sporty convertibles to SUVs.

An Auto Shop History

Carmine’s Import Service also has a unique history as an auto repair shop. Since 1999, owner Carmine Cupani has attended to the needs of foreign-made cars for residents of the greater Triad area. He opened his own repair shop in 2008, making us a local dealership alternative. Thus, there’s no need to drive into the city, spend more time, or invest unnecessary additional money to get a great repair for your Volkswagen (regardless of whether your model is classic or new). Better yet, we offer a generous warranty on most repairs (including parts and labor). Come by to talk about VW history with us.