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Posted by Carmine's ®

turbo charger blogYou discover that there is a problem with your Turbocharger or Turbochargers. The shop recommends to replace the whole turbocharger instead of patching the problem. You don’t like that. You want a patch. You find a “another guy” to perform the cheap patch. You are so happy.

12 months later the Turbos blow and damage your engine, exhaust system and other costly items. Your “other guy” has no response when you ask about it. You saved money though right? Wrong! You were being cheap and should have purchased a different brand car. When a turbocharger waste gate is rattling it is time to change the waste gate and in some cases the whole Turbo. I promise if you take the easy way out you will end up on the side of the road. Fix it. Don’t patch it. You will thank us later. These old fashion “not in the know” facilities are on their way out. The 1990’s patch doesn’t work anymore. You are driving in almost the year 2018. Things have changed. The problem is your shop may not be. Most independents in the Triad are 10-15 years behind the times. Find yourself a good WorkShop and stick with them if they are giving you a sensible maintenance schedule and treating you right. Stay away from the mechanic that has a garage. Dear god stay away from a backyard mechanic. Always have a Certified Technician handle your investment. Also ask about warranty. Todays standard is 3 years. We offer up to 4 years, 50k miles on most repairs. Every now and then the amateur will score a point. Be careful out there because it is a ferocious world with mechanics wanting to fix your car cheap but NOT smart. It may sound good in the short term but they are stealing from you long term and stealing big time. Fix it right the first time.