The Uniquely Smooth Ride of Your Jaguar: What Is It and How Do You Maintain It?

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Keeping Your Jaguar’s Air Suspension System Running Comfortably with Carmine’s Import Service

Jag scaled e1635506434469Over its storied history, Jaguar has become a luxury vehicle icon, renowned for its style, speed, and safety. One of the features that sets your Jaguar apart on the road, and in your heart, is the comfort of its ride, in part due to its unique air suspension system. While most vehicles rely on a spring suspension system, Jaguar employs an electronic air suspension system to maintain comfort and handling at all speeds and over varied driving conditions. Jaguar’s unique air suspension system requires special expertise to service and repair, like that of the team at Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina. Read on for signs your air suspension system is having issues.

So, because the air suspension system relies on an air compressor as well as air bags, rather than springs, these, along with the traditional suspension elements of your Jaguar, can develop issues through wear and tear, over time damaging, breaking, or simply wearing out. Suppose your car begins to ride noticeably low. In that case, this is an indicator your air suspension system is having issues, as one of its primary purposes is to keep the car adequately above the road surface. Additionally if you notice: changes in performance, particularly in the vehicle’s back end handling more loosely; a noise, constant, quiet, continuous, after you’ve shut off your Jaguar; or your vehicle sitting unevenly, raised on end or side only, these are all solid indications your Jaguar’s air suspension system needs expert service.

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