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The Only Authorized and Best Import Auto Shops in the Triad

I get asked this question a lot.  Which shops are the best in the area?  Even though we have a shuttle service that goes pretty much anywhere you want so distance is not an issue, there are times where we need to recommend a good shop to a customer or potential new customer due to time, scheduling, or simply because we do not offer a service on a particular year vehicle for some reason.

We have no affiliation nor do we endorse some of the shops listed below, but Carmine has a list of the recommended ones in our area based on his 21 years in the Triad and their known credentials. The benefits we offer such as our 4 year warranty, factory equipment, master technicians, proprietary systems and processes, digital shop experience, shuttle service, loaner cars, coffee bar, and other free perks and amenities  may or may not be offered by the shops listed below, but these are known quality shops at this time. While we would love to have everyones business, sometimes things can get backed up, or you need an alternative. It is always best to choose a Bosch Authorized Service Center or an ATI Certified Shop. If you don’t, please be careful.  We do not have a full confirmed list of the shops listed below affiliations or certifications. They may and probably have more than listed. So here it is in alphabetical order:

THE “SAFE TO GO TO” IMPORT SHOP LIST – If they are not on the list, beware. There are many shops out there that claim to be specialists and even fake being affiliated with the Bosch network or other good automotive networks. You get what you pay for. Cheap and Expensive don’t matter. Quality and Value matter. Most of the time, you get what you pay for when you deal with someone reputable.  Well, you hope to anyway. Everyone tries their best.

Carmine’s Import Service – Official Bosch Service Center, ASA Member, Blue Seal ASE, ATI Certified Alumni, Certified Female Friendly, BBB, CarCareAware, Women’s Board Member, RepairPal Top Shop, BMW CCA, Digital Shop Experience

Foreign Accents – Official Bosch Service Center, BBB, Vintage

Genuine Car Care Center – Official Napa Care Care Center, ATI Certified

Korman Autoworks – Official Bosch Service Center, BBB, Vintage BMW Restoration, BMW CCA

Motorsport Connections – ASE, Certified Female Friendly, Dynometer Onsite

The Autotrends – Official Bosch Service Center, ASA Member, BBB, AC Delco, CarCareAware

The Motor Works – Official Bosch Service Center, ATI Certified, BBB, ASE

Websters Import Service – ATI Certified


Disclaimer: Use this information for what it is. I do not personally endorse any of the shops above.  They are just recommendations on where to take your car if you do not choose Carmine’s for your automotive needs.


Written by Carmine Cupani