THE COST OF CHEAP TESLA OWNERS | Carmine's Import Service


Cheap Tesla Owners will lead to a Cheap Tesla Experience.


Model S, 3, X, Y

Tesla's require maintenance just as anything else does in this world. The lack of wheel alignments will lead to tire replacement as early as 10,000 miles!. As a matter of fact, we suggest having your brand new Tesla alignment checked when you take delivery of it. Will you have to pay for it? Of course. Don't want to take our advice?  Fine.  Just purchase more tires. Make sure you purchase good tires when you are shopping.  You get what you pay for. Does it have to have foam inside the tire? No, it does not. What happens without the foam? The interior decibel noise will be marginally higher. You probably will not even notice it. If you can get the foam, then get it. But with current 2022 supply issues that can be an issue. The other maintenance items recommend can be found on our website such as routine a/c checkups, cabin air filters, brake fluid flushes, tire rotations, software updates (these happen over the air aka OTA), front and rear differential oil and filter services (every 30k miles), wiper blades, and making sure the cameras are clean and free of debris and calibrated (calibration can be performed via the Service Menu). Since the brake system does not get used much due to really great regenerative braking, the brake calipers on most Tesla's need to be cleaned and lubricated each year depending on the climate you live in and driving habits. For most that will be every two years and mainly on Model S & X cars.
The end result in a 'Cheap Tesla Owner' is a Tesla that is worth significantly less than one that is properly maintained.  Sound familiar?  Yes, just like with everything else you own or care for in life. Take care of it.

Written by Carmine Cupani