Tesla Tire Wear and Dirty Oil

Posted by Carmine's ®

tesla dirty oil tire wearEvery Tesla we have encountered is out of alignment. It does not matter if it is new or used.  We have checked alignments on over 8 brand new Tesla of all Models and every one of them was not within their wheel alignment specifications or anywhere close to being within a specification to protect a tire from prematurely wearing. What is the point here? If you just purchased a brand new Tesla, it needs a wheel alignment. Period. Just because it tracks straight does NOT mean the wheel alignment is ok. Just because Autopilot does not freak out does not mean the wheel alignment is ok.

The wheel alignment could be out for a number of reasons.  On some older model Tesla cars we have seen suspension bushings fail earlier than 30,000 miles! Understand that the weight of a Tesla is a major factor here. A dual motor Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y tips the weight scales at over 4,000 pounds! A Tesla Model S comes close to 5,000 pounds and a Model X is way over 5,000 pounds. To give you perspective on this, a BMW 7 series can weigh as little as 4,300 pounds which puts it ONLY 150 pounds or so heavier than a Model 3 Dual Motor. 

What does this mean for your Tesla? You are carrying a lot of weight around from that massive battery pack or structure battery pack. Weight leads to wear on suspension parts. The issue is that a Tesla handles so well and you may not notice these things until it is too late. The other issue is a Tesla service center may not notice it either because they don’t have your typical car person or technician working there.  They are all working at normal car repair and service centers. While they have the logo on the building and they sell the cars, this does not mean they know what needs to be done. This is not anything new though. Think about the car dealerships through the years. They are feeling the pain now and trying to retain customers from the lack of knowledge they had through the years.

Ok, so it boils down to you being in control and in charge of your investment. You purchased a Tesla so now you need to care for a Tesla. You may have been told your Tesla needs no maintenance because it is an EV and it is just a computer on wheels. Part of that is true. But we have been driving computers on wheels for a while. Tesla’s still have brake fluid, antifreeze, differential oil (front and rear on a dual motor), wiper blades, air filters, tires, suspension parts (some are identical to a Mercedes-Benz, literally), headlights, tail lights, window regulators, door locks, and all the other items that fail on a car.  The basic car has not changed.  All they did was remove your engine and replace it with a motor. Literally. And yes your Tesla has an oil filter. A dirty, metal, not-good-for the environment oil filter. Just like the old days.  Hell, a dual motor has two of the darn things and yes they need to be changed. Well, not if you plan to turn it in and buy a new one and let Tesla use your old one as a RoboTaxi in 2030. lol.

If you plan to drive your Tesla, plan to maintain it or let it rot. If you just care about tires, then get the Tesla aligned.  We also have camber and toe correction options for when the Tesla does not properly take a wheel alignment. We have the necessary alignment ballasts at the shop to perform the alignment correctly. Always make sure the tires are properly inflated and your tires never get below 4/32nds for best performance and remember when a tire goes below 5/32nds it will never have the heavy rain performance they did when they were brand new.