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Tesla Service Center in Kernersville, NC

As an owner of a Tesla, you've invested in more than just a vehicle; you've embraced a new era of automotive innovation that promises a seamless driving experience with minimal upkeep. At Carmine's Import Service, we understand the unique Tesla maintenance and repair needs. The team at our Kernersville service center is here to ensure that your Model Y or Model S continues to perform at its best. We make it easy to book Tesla service online and get reliable repairs in the Triad.

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Local Tesla Service Center Location

Tesla models are engineered to redefine convenience with a design philosophy centered on reducing the necessity for frequent EV service. Our goal at Carmine's Import Service is to complement this vision by providing a service experience that is as efficient and thorough as the Tesla design itself. Whether you’re coming from Kernersville, Greensboro or Winston-Salem, know that we’ve built our reputation on trust, skill and dedication to customer satisfaction.

Your vehicle is equipped with advanced capabilities to diagnose issues remotely and to receive over-the-air software updates, constantly enhancing its performance and features. At Carmine's Import Service, we stay ahead of the curve and can help with Tesla technical support, utilizing cutting-edge technology to work in tandem with your vehicle's sophisticated systems, ensuring you're always up-to-date and on the move.

Tesla After-Sales Service Near Greensboro 

While the need for traditional service is significantly reduced when you opt for a Tesla, your Model X or Model 3 still requires expert attention to maintain its exceptional performance. Below is a list of essential electric car services we provide:

  • Battery Inspection and Care: To ensure the powerhouse of your Tesla stays healthy, we offer comprehensive battery checks and maintenance services.
  • Tire Alignment and Rotation: Maximize efficiency and safety with our precision tire services designed for each Tesla model’s unique specifications.
  • Brake System Assessment: Benefit from our detailed brake inspections and servicing to keep your vehicle’s stopping power responsive and reliable.
  • Cooling System Service: Protect your vehicle's battery and motor with our specialized cooling system maintenance.
  • High-Voltage Cable Inspection: Trust our experts to inspect and maintain the high-voltage cables essential for pristine performance.
  • Air Conditioning Service: Keep comfortable with our thorough AC system checks and servicing, adapted for the innovative Tesla design.
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Schedule Tesla Service Near Winston-Salem

Don't wait for the future of automotive service -- experience it now at Carmine's Import Service. Whether you require routine maintenance or more specialized care for your Tesla, our team is here to provide the exceptional service you deserve. Get in touch with us today to schedule a Tesla service appointment in the Triad and join the ranks of EV owners who trust Carmine's Import Service for all their vehicle's needs. Don’t forget we offer auto service financing in NC as well!