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When it comes to the performance of your Porsche, it’s not just about its power and control. It’s also about its safety, and the braking system plays a key role in that. At Carmine’s Import Service, we want to make sure your Porsche’s braking system is performing at its best because you deserve to drive the safest version of your vehicle. Our ASE Certified technicians and service advisors utilize their knowledge of Porsche’s service guidelines and state-of-the-art components to fix whatever issue is plaguing the braking system. Visit us in Kernersville, North Carolina, and see why we’re the go-to Porsche service specialists in the Triad!

How You Can Protect Your Brakes

Although your Porsche’s braking system was built with high-quality components, it can still fall into a state of disrepair if it’s not cared for properly. One of the best ways to prevent that is to follow a regularly scheduled brake service, but it’s not the only thing you can do to protect your vehicle’s brakes. Not sure what you can do? Looking to do more? Here’s how you can protect your Porsche’s brakes and ensure it’s keeping you safe for miles:

No Sudden Stops — anytime you stop, you’re placing stress on the brake system. Fortunately, the system was built to handle this stress, but over time this can hurt the system, especially if you’re an aggressive driver. A good way to protect it is to avoid sudden stops, as the speed and weight of your vehicle can greatly hurt the system if you stop too quickly. Instead, try coasting and slowing down sooner. It won’t be as much pressure on the brakes, which can preserve them for longer.

Don’t Tailgate — Along with avoiding sudden stops, it’s important that you place yourself in situations where that can’t happen. One of those ways is to avoid tailgating, as that is a common reason why drivers suddenly stop. Along with being obnoxious, tailgating forces you to stop quicker and sooner, which hurts the brakes. Instead, maintain a two-car length distance away from the vehicle in front. This will give you time to slowly stop your vehicle, protecting the brake system.

Let Us Help You

Make sure that your Porsche is at its safest and schedule a brake repair with Carmine’s Import Service, the go-to Porsche service specialists in the Triad. Located in Kernersville, North Carolina, our facility is home to knowledgeable, ASE Certified technicians that can find and fix whatever issue your Porsche’s braking system is dealing with. Whether you’re hearing grinding or dealing with a spongy pedal, know that we can fix any problem you may experience.

You can schedule your service by giving us a call at 336-993-5506 and chat with our service advisors. We also accept walk-ins, so feel free to visit us on 318 W Mountain Street. We’re right across the U.S. Postal Service.