Preventive Maintenance Services For Your BMW

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Countdown to Service

To enjoy your vehicle and help it hold its value, it’s best practice to keep your car well maintained through a regular schedule of routine preventive maintenance services. When your auto of choice is a BMW, the manufacturer helps you with understanding and remembering service points by numbering the visits as Service I and Service II. Those cars made in 2005 and before will need full maintenance about every 30,000 miles with more frequent oil changes. Newer editions are scheduled for service every 20,000 miles. As you’re on your countdown to service, schedule an appointment with Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina.

bmw serviceService I

When your auto reaches the Service I protocol point, you can expect your technician to provide attention in three major inspection categories. These are the undercarriage, engine compartment, and body/electrical components. In addition to an oil and filter change, your vehicle will need to be checked for leaks (transmission, rear axle, fuel tank and lines, power steering). Also, your mechanic will examine the condition of the exhaust system, disc brake surfaces, and brake pad thickness. Further, they will inspect the suspension system, including a check of setter, suspension track rods, front axle joints, joint disc, and steering linkage. Tire condition isn’t forgotten either. While tires should be monitored frequently, they’re again noticed for elements such as tread wear, spare tire air pressure, and alignment at this point. The staff member also looks for front control arm bushing wear, brake and clutch system connectors/lines condition, and parking brake cable reliability. Wheel center hubs are greased, and brake caliper/pad contact points are cleaned. Upon reaching the engine compartment, your technician uses the OBD-II reading to check for trouble codes. They also check fluid levels (coolant/antifreeze, brake, windshield washer, power steering), AC function, and hoses before resetting the service indicator light. Finally, lights, instruments (on the panel) battery, mirrors, horns, seat belts, cabin air filters, airbags (visual characteristics), windshield wipers, locks, etc. are examined as part of the body/electrical inspection. Hinges and latches are also greased.

Service II

The Level II service interval represents a repeat of the first service visit. Additionally, your technician will perform other services such as replacing spark plugs, changing differential oil, and installing new filters (fuel and air).

Local Service and Repair You Can Count On

For exceptional BMW service and repair, you can count on Carmine’s Import Service, your local ASE Blue Seal of Excellence facility. We offer you additional peace of mind with our 3 year/36,000-mile warranty on most parts and labor as well as potential eligibility for limited 4 year/50,000 mile extended coverage.