Preventing Your Porsche from Being Sidelined By Fuel Pump Leaks

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Expert Attention from Carmine’s Import Service is All You Need to Stay on the Road

porsche blog imageDespite its humble origins, Porsche is now synonymous with high-performance sports luxury. A well-maintained Porsche, driving at top tier level, is hard to beat in terms of overall driving experience. Simply put, your Porsche is a joy to drive. But to keep your Porsche on the road for years to come, routine maintenance with an auto repair shop who is an expert in imports is a must. Trust your Porsche to the expert imports service team at Kernersville, North Carolina’s Carmine’s Import Service. We know the ins and outs of Porsche maintenance, and what it takes to keep your high-performance vehicle running the way it should.

Your Porsche cannot run without fuel getting to its engine, via the fuel pump, and fuel pump leaks are a particularly pesky Porsche problem, easily headed off with careful attention and regular maintenance with an expert import mechanic. Wear and tear is inevitable, and while regular preventative maintenance and service can do quite a lot to prolong your fuel pump’s longevity, eventually, you will need to address this issue before it can cause substantial damage to the rest of your vehicle.

Compromised fuel economy is a tell-tale indicator. Here are a few indications to look out for that your Porsche’s fuel pump is leaking: first, if you notice a substantial drop in your vehicle’s mileage per tank, it could indicate damage to your fuel pump. Secondly, if you’ve noticed your Porsche is suddenly performing at a lower level. This may include your vehicle straining when accelerating, a lag in response when pressing the gas pedal, or even jerky movements. Third, and most concerning, if you discover gasoline beneath where your Porsche is parked. This indicator is dually dangerous, both for your car, which is clearly leaking fuel, and for you, your property, and bystanders, as fuel is of course, highly combustible.

Suppose you notice any of the above issues with your Porsche’s performance. In that case, it’s time to call or stop by Kernersville, North Carolina’s Carmine’s Import Service for immediate service to your Porsche’s fuel pump, as well as a careful and conscientious inspection of all your vehicle’s components. Your Porsche is precious – trust it to the import experts at Carmine’s.