Porsche GT3, GT3RS, GT4, GT4RS, GTS Service

Posted by Carmine's ®

porsche scaled 1Porsche GT3, GT3RS, GT4, GT4RS, GTS Service & Repair Services offered for 996, 997, 991, & 992 including ‘DOT’ variants.Routine Service, Annual Service, ‘GT’ Rattle Torque my Hardware Service, Engine Filters, Spark Plugs, Special Wheel Alignments, In-Car Camera Installations, Michelin Sport Cup 2 and Sport Cup 2 R tire service, High Speed Wheel Balance, PDCC Service, PDK Service, 6 Speed GT Manual Service, Special Throttle Body Cleaning, Special Direct Injection Piston Ring Cleaning, Choice of Engine Oil although we do prefer Motul over anything else, or something high quality.

Pennzoil and Mobil 1 are always great choices. Center Lock Service with special tools and center lock cream coating, Spark Plug Service, Cooling System Service, Drive Belt Service, Brake Fluid Service/Flush (We prefer Motul RBF660 over Castrol SRF after testing), Suspension Adjustments, Cross Weight Measurements, HPDE preparation, track pad installation and recommendations by Carmine himself and his team will dial your car in with him overseeing it personally. (We prefer Ferodo DS1.11, Pagid RS29, & Carbotech XP24).

We own a Porsche GT3 991.2, we don’t just claim to service them. We drive them daily and track Porsche cars. Custom requests welcome. We will install high quality bolt to factory mounting point roll bars into Porsche cars. Must be of high quality or Genuine Porsche or we will NOT install it. We also install high quality track harnesses. We will not install sub standard brand name safety equipment. Note: We ONLY service and light repair Porsche Cup cars upon request and appointment availability.