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You own a Porsche. You are craving someone who knows your car. Well. Here we are. With more real experience than anyone else in our area you are in the right hands. Yearly Porsche Maintenance? No problem. Keeping your Porsche forever and want to preserve it? We got you. Tracking your Porsche and you want to reduce the chance of failures? No problem. The infamous IMS bearing. We are experts. We have seen a lot. We know a lot. We learn everyday and add it to our knowledge base. We are your certified IMS bearing installer. Beware of imitations doing these critical jobs at a fraction of the cost. How are they doing it? Easy explanation. One of two things. Cheap parts with no margins and no warranty or one man shows with no employee family or team. Ask yourself this. Where will they be when you need them? Will they still be around? Was it really worth paying them backyard prices to work on your prized possession? Just remember that nothing is free. Also keep in mind that there are actual Porsche dealers that are not even suppose to admit to the failures and they proceed with cheap parts anyway just to get your business. They will use an off branded product that has only been out for 2 years and install it in your Porsche. If you have a 2019 Porsche they might know more than us. If it is 4 years old we know more. Period. We have seen more. They are too busy ironing our recalls to worry about what is good for their customers. We know the little tricks. Here is one example. You own a Porsche GT4. What is the first thing that needs to be done? Remove the wheel locks and replace with lugs. They are no good and will cause you frustration you didn’t sign up for and don’t need. Why are they no good? Not sure. They strip out. They are made in England if that means anything and should not even be on that car. We know these cars. We live and breathe them. Not enough camber on the GT4 for the track person? No problem. We have options. Brake pads not stopping good enough? No problem, we have options. Don’t waste your time and money with another shop that has no clue. We have on track experience with all types of cars and other customers that track these cars too and learn from our and their mistakes and improve our offerings. Give us a call or text us today to learn more. We would love to talk.

Porsche Cayman GT4

Written by Carmine's ®