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Pirelli Asimmetrico 2 P Zero Corsa System AR Designation

Yes. We have these in stock or can get you the ‘correct’ ones within a day or the same day. Do not be fooled by imitations. No, this car will not handle the same with Michelin Sport Cup 2 tires. Yes, this tire was used in order to give the Giulia more grip. Are you experiencing weird rubbing and scrubbing or slipping when you make a u-turn? Of course you are. Is that normal? Yes it is. You essentially have DOT approved race tires mounted to your Italian sports sedan.

The Alfa-Romeo Quadrofoglio comes equipped with special tires. These tires will have an’AR’ stamped in the sidewall and are of 60 treadwear compound. These tires are the Asimmetrico 2 and NOT the earlier production tires. The Alfa Romeo Quadrofoglio uses the Asimmetrico on all four corners making it possible to swap your tires left to right for track or wear purposes since they are not the Direzionale or Directional versions. Some cars will use the directional up front and the asymmetric on the rear for a more stable “in the rain” ride.

I would not expect more than 7500-10,000 miles of life from these tires if you are lucky. They do not come with much tread to begin with so monitor them on a regular basis.  They are also tires that need to be fully warmed up, just like a race tire, before they have any grip at all.  They are dangerous, especially in the cold weather. You need to be aware of what you are driving and what you are driving on. For customer that will not track this vehicle, Carmine would recommend removing the stock tires and installing a set of Michelin Sport Cup 2’s or a more friendly Pirelli for everyday driving. We can even sell you a spare set of wheels and mount a set of street tires for you.

Then when you hit the track we can just swap them over. If you are looking for racing brake pads, we will have those in stock to in different flavors just like the BMWs.  Also ask about our track high heat wheel weights and other track mounting and balancing options.

Official Alfa-Romeo Quadrofoglio Tire Sizes for 2017-2018

Front: 245/35ZR19

Rear: 285/30ZR19


Written by Carmine Cupani