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Tesla Repair

There are common cars, and then there are uncommon cars. Then, there are Teslas. Teslas are unlike any other vehicle around today, boasting state-of-the-art technology and futuristic efficiency. Tesla’s electric operation renders oil and engine services as a thing of the past. Even Tesla themselves will tell you their vehicles don’t need regular service. Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, NC is here for the unexpected things that come up with Tesla ownership. We are a team composed of ASE-certified master technicians who have experience working on all Tesla models. Just because your car doesn’t need the same service as other cars doesn’t mean that it doesn’t need anything at all! There are actual service items that can be done for your Tesla, and we’re happy to share them with you.

Full Service with Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Like all vehicles, Teslas have a main service for standard parts like the tires, wiper blades, brake system, AC system, and the cabin air filter. All four tires will be rotated, checked for optimal pressure, and inspected for signs of wear. The wiper blades are replaced, along with the cabin air filter. We also inspect the brake system for signs of wear and perform a brake fluid flush if necessary. AC service includes checking the system for leaks or performing a recharge.

Tesla Parts Replacement

While Teslas may be easy to maintain, it does not mean they are immune to parts failure. In particular, the brake calipers, suspension, and steering rack will need replacing at some point in the vehicle’s lifespan. Because it’s an electric vehicle, the brake system harvests the kinetic energy and transmits it back into Tesla’s power system. Over time, the brake calipers will wear down due to the added stress. The same goes for Tesla suspension parts. Teslas, with their battery pack, weigh more than most vehicles, leading to suspension issues. One area of concern is the front suspension, where parts can fail if they are put under enormous stress. If you experience these issues, contact your Tesla experts at Carmine’s Import Service!

Your Tesla Needs Care, Too

Despite what Tesla may say, your vehicle will need some kind of service over time. It’s just the nature of owning an automobile! We know it may sound strange that an auto shop is capable of taking care of your Tesla, but that is just what our team at Carmine’s Import Service can do. If you have questions about Tesla repair and service, please give us a call at 336-993-5506. Our state-of-the-art shop is located at 318 W. Mountain Street. We look forward to giving your Tesla a new jolt on life.