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At Carmine’s Import Service we specialize in more than just foreign vehicles and are proud to keep the Triad’s Ford drivers safely on the road. We work on all Ford models (2004 and newer) but really know our way around when it comes to F-150 and specialty services in Ford of Europe RS models, Shelby Cobra, Roush, and Saleen cars – Boss 302, Shelby GT350 and GT350R, Bullit, and Coyote engines! From yearly services, normal maintenance, new vehicle maintenance and care we have you covered, including maintaining your factory warranty. All service uploaded to CarFax automatically for resale value and permanent record to make future sales a breeze. Expert technicians on staff to handle vintage Mustangs upon request!

Did you know…..There is a Ford of Europe? The ST and RS cars you see in the states and most of their ‘regular’ newer cars actually were bred in Europe. This is nothing new. Ford raced under Team RS, their European development team back in the 1980s even. Also there is a Shelby of Europe called Shelby American. Yes most of us are closet 1987-1993 Foxbody Mustang fans even though we live and breathe Euro cars. They’ve come together today as one entity, Ford Performance. Give us a call or come by the shop today to learn more!