Land Rover Service

Land Rover service and Land Rover repair at a quality independent Bosch Authorized Service center.

What are you waiting for? Dealership? I don’t think so. Don’ flush your money down the toilet. Give us a call if you are serious about taking care of your Land Rover Range Rover vehicle. We will give you the inside scoop on what needs to be done so you won’t need to purchase a new Land Rover. They design their owners manual and service display in a way where you are going to purchase a new Land Rover. At least they try. We will give you the little tips to help you get through all of the known failures and stay ahead of the curve. Timing chain replacement, supercharger noise, rear hatch rattles, sway bar squeaks, navigation and blue tooth issues, special programming, air suspension failure and upgrades, and even conversions. We can do it all. Give us a call. We have seen just about everything. Whether you have a Range Rover Sport, Evoque, Discovery, LR4, or even an older County we got your back.

Written by Carmine Cupani

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