Keeping Your Cool with Your BMW and Carmine’s Import Service

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Coolant Leaks, Why They’re Important, and How to Catch One Fast

BMWServicePhoto aBMW has long been celebrated as the best in German engineering, and for good reason. For almost a century, BMW has been innovating fast, efficient, sporty luxury vehicles with superior handling and performance, without sacrificing comfort and sophistication. But even the best in German engineering can fall prey, over time, to wear and tear, and your BMW is no exception. The best way to keep your vehicle in prime working order is through regular, preventative maintenance appointments with a BMW auto repair expert, exactly like the team at Carmine’s Import Service, located in Kernersville, North Carolina, in the greater Winston-Salem area. But even with regular expert service, issues can arise.

A common issue affecting BMWs is coolant leaks. A high-performance system like what’s under the hood of your BMW can run hot, so the cooling system must always be in top working order. If your BMW develops a coolant leak, it can quickly compound into substantial and expensive repair issues. Carmine’s Import Service is here to tell you a few easy ways to determine if your BMW has a coolant leak. First and most accessible and noticeable, if you find leaked coolant underneath your car, you definitely have a coolant leak. Additionally, suppose you notice a sweet smell coming from under the hood. In that case, your BMW begins to get poor fuel economy, or your engine is running consistently hot, especially in warm conditions or over trips of longer duration. A coolant leak needs to be addressed immediately by an expert service technician, before the issue compounds into something deeply serious, possibly compromising your BMW’s engine itself.

Whether or not you notice any of the above indications of a coolant leak, it’s always in the best interest of you and your BMW to keep it on a regular service schedule with an expert mechanic like the team at Carmine’s Import Service. Our BMW expertise, coupled with regular service offerings like coolant checks and flushes, can avert serious issues before they even begin. Stop by or give us a call today and get your BMW on our service schedule to keep you experiencing BMW’s vaunted “Sheer Driving Pleasure” for years to come.