How to Maintain a Land Rover

Keep Calm and Land Rover On

Luxury, capability, power — these are all words that come to mind when speaking of Land Rover vehicles. These cars standout on the road and in the minds of auto enthusiasts for a reason! But their exceptional design and engineering requires special service to maintain. At Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina, we are familiar with the work it takes to protect Land Rovers and we are sharing what we know with vehicle owners everywhere. Keep reading to see what you can do to care for your Discovery, Defender, or Range Rover model!

Follow Manufacturer Recommendations

Since their conception, Land Rover hasn’t been one to follow the rule book for vehicle manufacturing. They have engineered machines that are capable of crossing terrains never before imaginable. Today’s cutting edge Land Rovers take that history with them. The unique design of these vehicles makes it that much more important to follow the recommendations set up by the manufacturers. The service guidelines found in your owner’s manual will be a great foundation to care for your Land Rover through the years. You’ll find information like how often to get fluid service, when to replace the brakes, when to rotate tires, and more.

Work With a Specialist

Once you know what your Land Rover needs and when, you need to find a specialist that has experience working with the brand. You could visit just anyone for service, but they won’t understand the unique needs of your specific vehicle. An expert like those at Carmine’s Import Service know what they’re doing during service for Land Rovers and use quality parts in every repair to protect their superior capability and luxury. You don’t want to hurt the value or performance of your car by cheaping out on generic services with an under qualified mechanic!

Stay Consistent

The best way to avoid car problems is to keep up with routine visits to your auto repair experts. Stick to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule and don’t delay any repairs your car might need throughout its lifetime. If you are looking for someone to help maintain your Land Rover in Kernersville, North Carolina, look no further than Carmine’s Import Service!

Written by Carmine Cupani

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