How Porsches are Identified

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porsche blog imageIt’s a Porsche!

You may hear a lot of chatter among enthusiasts and owners about exactly what a particular Porsche is called. We’re glad to explain a little bit about coding and naming to you, but don’t sweat the small details. After all, it’s a Porsche! It’s your dream car! To keep that beloved vehicle in prime condition, rely on Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina, for all your preventive maintenance services and repairs. Our ASE-certified technicians are familiar with your import, so you can actually save time, money, and aggravation by bringing your auto to us. We’ll fix it right the first time. This provides you with an advantage – instead of hoping for the best at a shop that seldom sees a car like yours, yet it eliminates the need to drive to a dealership.


Simply Complex

Although the identification system can lead to long and complex sounding names (which can be confusing to some drivers), it feels simple to enthusiasts who understand the coding and indeed is made easier with the use of simplified, shortened designations. Throughout its history, the company has assigned a number to each new project. Variants of those models were codified according to additional identifying characteristics such as engine type. Some letters correspond to particular years, and nicknames were given to some (though not all models). To further complicate matters, just when the manufacturer appeared to have the numbering system perfected, another automaker complained that they already owned the rights to certain numbers with a “0” as the middle digit. This prompted Porsche to change some of its numbering to feature a “1” as the center digit. Thus, what would have been the 901 was quickly changed to 911. Other examples of numerical and naming complexities include one model of the 356 being well known as a “Dame” (or Lady), another being dubbed “Sau” (Pig), and the extended model designations such as the 356 A 1500 GS Carrera being called by the shortened moniker Carrera. So here’s the real “the long and short of it.” You love your Porsche. If you’re comfortable with the full-blown name, great! If not, call it by the shortened nickname and enjoy the ride!

Call Us Your Local Shop for Service and Repair

No matter what you call your Porsche, there’s no question that you should call Carmine’s Import Service your local shop for Porsche service and repair. We’ll take great care of your car and you. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service. We back our work with a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty on most parts and labor, and you may qualify for a longer warranty.