Fiat and a Century of Quality

The History of One of Europe's Largest Auto Manufacturers

When it comes to European automakers, Fiat is one of the most popular brands out there. Kernersville enthusiasts know the caliber and reliability put forth by the Italian manufacturing company, but few know its history. While you're taking your favorite ride for a tune-up at a quality Fiat repair garage like Carmine's Import Service, here's a refresher on over a century of dedication that makes this company great.


The ups and downs of the car market weren't easy on Fiat. Still, its dedication to creating efficient, small vehicles that are as economical to own as they are fun to drive has made them a beloved manufacturer across the globe. A lot of history went into making it one of the most recognizable and dependable cars on the road today. When you need Fiat repair, remember to choose nothing less than a qualified mechanic to handle your baby!

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