Five Jaguar Facts You Didn’t Know

Grace, Space, & Pace

The luxurious Jaguar brand has always stood for a superior driving experience. The brand is owned by Land Rover Jaguar and represents a large portion of the luxury car market here in North Carolina. If you’re looking for jaguar repair, it’s important to choose a service center that understands this brand. Here are five unusual facts about the Jaguar brand.

1. The Exterior Paint Process Involves Emus

The exterior paint process on most Jaguars features a special ingredient. Before painting begins, Jaguar cars are first dusted with ionized emu feathers. This important step helps keep the paint and the metal from attracting any unwanted dust and causing an uneven finish.

2. The Chassis Gets Tested to 766 MPH

Another cool fact refers to the intensive testing process. Jaguar puts its vehicles through an extreme testing process, with super cold temperatures and other simulations to mimic the worst wear and tear. The chassis of the vehicle gets tested to extreme speeds of up to 766 miles per hour.

3. Some Leather Interiors Come From Scottish Angus Bulls

The Jaguar interior designers are committed to quality. The XE model uses only the finest leather from Scottish Angus Bulls. Unlike the North Carolina region, the climate in Scotland keeps mosquitoes away from the bulls and their skin smoother with fewer imperfections.

4. Jaguar Celebrated Its 80th Birthday With a Spectacular Loop

Even the Jaguar’s birthday celebrations stand out. For the brand’s 80th anniversary, engineers built a loop and drove their F-PACE SUV model around it. The stunt garnered publicity and showed the world how lightweight and fast the car was.

5. You Could Get a Custom Jaguar if You’re a Rock Star

If you’ve always wanted your own custom Jaguar, your personalized model could be built if you happen to be a rock star. Jaguar built a custom XKR-S for Iron Maiden’s drummer, Nicko McBrain.

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Written by Carmine Cupani