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Put Good In, Get Good Out

At Carmine’s Import Service, we understand how much you love your MINI vehicle. Whether you’re driving a Roadster or the iconic Cooper, every MINI model is built with the precision and care that you expect. But for your vehicle to maintain its beautiful appearance and high level of performance, it needs proper, dealership-quality repair & maintenance services performed. At our shop, we can help you with just that. Our ASE Certified professionals have the technical skill and a comprehensive understanding of MINI’s service guidelines to ensure your vehicle receives the proper care it deserves. Whether you need a quick oil change or a major transmission service, Carmine’s Import Service can handle it all!

Does Your Mini Need Service?

Although MINI vehicles are built with high-quality parts and manufacturer-approved services, even they require consistent service to maintain performance. By having the vehicle follow a routine maintenance service, you improve its chances of performing at its best for miles and years to come. But outside a normal routine, another great way to maintain performance is to understand the signs of wear-and-tear and failure. By knowing these signs, you’re able to get ahead of a small issue before it becomes a major problem. Here are a few common MINI problems that you should look out for.

Failing Electrical Systems

A common problem that MINI vehicles have, especially the early Cooper models, is with the electrical system. Be wary if the radio or display suddenly go out, or if you’re having trouble starting your vehicle. Those are classic signs that the electrical system is failing, and it’s best to schedule a service with us right away. We can quickly repair or replace the failing component and ensure that you are always driving a quality MINI vehicle.

Struggling Transmission

Another problem MINI vehicles have is with their transmission systems. Although these issues have dropped dramatically with the latest models, they do still occur every now and then. Look out for signs of hitching, rough transitions, or the system slipping out of gear, as these are classic signs of transmission trouble. When you see these issues occur in your vehicle, make sure to schedule a visit with us soon! Driving with these issues only worsens it, and you could face additional damage because of it.

Visit Our Shop!

Does your MINI Cooper need a new air or oil filter? Maybe your Roadster is having transmission problems? At Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina, our team can happily handle those problems and more! Our ASE Certified technicians and service advisors use state-of-the-art equipment and industry-best service methods to perform a full suite of services for your MINI vehicle. When your vehicle is at our shop, take comfort knowing that it is in the hands of the top Mini specialists in the Triad. Schedule an appointment with our team today by giving us a call at 336-993-5506 or visiting our shop at 318 W. Mountain Street. We also accept walk-ins and offer after hours drop-off and pick-up, so feel free to visit us at your convenience! We look forward to helping you!