COVID-19: How Carmine’s Import Service Is Keeping You Safe

Nothing new at our shop – at Carmine’s Import Service we have been putting our customer’s safety first for years, but in the wake of the spread of COVID-19, we wanted to take this opportunity to remind our customers about our clean check-in process.

Social Distancing Matters - but we have you covered! Schedule online, by telephone (still have one) or via text. We Pickup. We disinfect us and car. We both view the necessary service estimates electronically. Once approved, we perform services. We clean your car. You pay electronically. We send an invoice with 3-year warranty information via email or text. We drop off. Done!

But it doesn’t stop there, we have you covered past the initial drop-off and waiting room! At Carmine’s, we thoroughly disinfect the shop, all vehicles, and have strict employee cleanliness guidelines.

Routine maintenance at Carmine’s Import Service might be necessary a bit earlier this year to keep you and your family safe. Give us a call today to schedule your maintenance early and include a FREE bacterial & EPA Certified disinfectant spray treatment inside the car and through the vent system as well. Combine this with a new cabin filter (also treated) and you have one good smelling and clean interior. Again, this should be a yearly treatment and you should be asked by our advisors every time you visit whether or not it has been done or if you are due for it. Call with questions.

Proud to use Bio-Zone Anti-Microbial Protection products!

Learn more about Antibacterial AC Cleaning Service below:

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Written by Carmine's ®