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Carmine’s Import Service donates monthly: National MS Society

Multiple sclerosis (MS) involves an immune-mediated process in which an abnormal response of the body’s immune system is directed against the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves. The exact antigen — or target that the immune cells are sensitized to attack — remains unknown, which is why MS is considered by many experts to be “immune-mediated” rather than “autoimmune.”

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The North Carolina Sheriffs’ Association is the statewide organization of our state’s 100 Sheriffs. Through their Association, the Sheriffs work to strengthen the professional law enforcement services their offices provide to the people of North Carolina.

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The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce
The Kernersville Chamber of Commerce is committed to creating a strong business community. One of the ways to accomplish this is by improving the educational opportunities available to our public-school students. The Teacher Grant Program is an effort to provide a unique educational experience for students in elementary, middle and high schools. Funds for unique educational programs are very limited, and teachers are providing many supplies and materials out of their own pockets.

Grants are provided to suitable projects that add value to the learning experience in a classroom. Where possible, the project should directly benefit both the class and the school.

Kernersville Rotary

Rotary is a worldwide organization of business and professional leaders that provides humanitarian service, encourages high ethical standards in all vocations, and helps build goodwill and peace in the world. Approximately 1.2 million Rotarians belong to more than 35,000 Rotary clubs located in 166

Körner’s Folly
Körner’s Folly is the architectural wonder and home of artist and designer Jule Gilmer Körner. Built in 1880 in Kernersville, North Carolina, the house originally served to display his interior design portfolio. Visitors can now explore the 22 room house museum and its unique original furnishings and artwork, cast-plaster details, carved woodwork, and elaborate hand laid tile.

We advertise with WFDD radio monthly.

88.5 WFDD, Public Radio for the Piedmont, is the only public radio station of its kind located in the Piedmont Triad. We broadcast news, information, and public affairs programming covering the arts, people, and institutions in the area.

We are the state’s charter NPR® member and the longest continuously broadcasting public radio station in North Carolina. WFDD is a member of the North Carolina Public Radio Association. It is a broadcast service of Wake Forest University.

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While widely recognized today as a major political force and as America’s foremost defender of Second Amendment rights, the NRA has, since its inception, been the premier firearms education organization in the world. But our successes would not be possible without the tireless efforts and countless hours of service our nearly five million members have given to champion Second Amendment rights and support NRA programs. As former Clinton spokesman George Stephanopoulos said, “Let me make one small vote for the NRA. They’re good citizens. They call their congressmen. They write. They vote. They contribute. And they get what they want over time.”

Glen High School Booster Club
We sponsor their annual spring Golf Tournaments.
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Holy Cross Catholic Church

We sponsor their church bulletin and attend occasional Sunday mass.

Dunamis Family

We sponsor their radio station on Sundays. A longtime friend of Pastor Rick Williams
“Our objective is to contribute to the creation of heaven on Earth! We believe that we have all been endowed with POWER to accomplish our specific roles in the fulfillment of this supreme purpose.”

God stated that he will do exceedingly, abundantly above all we may ask or even think, according to the POWER that is working in Us! We MUST transform our minds which will enable us to fully utilize the awesome POWER that is available to us and for us. The world is waiting on the MANIFESTATIONS of the sons and daughters of God.

Let’s not keep them waiting!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School
We support the Catholic school and also support the sports concessions by providing water every now and then for them to sell and raise money for their school.

Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic School, was founded in 1947, to support Catholic families in the education of their children. IHM is mission and goal driven as we respond to the fourfold purpose of Catholic education as set forth by the US Bishops, “message, community, worship, and service,” our own school mission, which encourages the giftedness of all students, and the motto of St. Francis de Sales, “Live Jesus,” integrated with challenging academic goals in accordance with our school improvement plan, the curriculum guidelines for the Diocese of Charlotte, and the NC Standards.

We Support IHM’s Church Bulletin and Donations of Concessions.
Whether you are a visitor looking for a place of worship or a resident seeking a home parish, we invite you to join our family.

IHM offers warm, spirit-filled worship and an abundance of opportunities to serve Christ by serving others. We are a connected community reaching out and supporting one another through fellowship, prayer and service. To learn more, please browse our Web site. Here you will find our Mass schedule, a calendar of events, our weekly bulletin and information about each of our ministries.

Shriners International

Carmine’s Import Service donates money yearly for services they provide.
The Imperial Divan is the international governing body of Shriners International. The governing body works as a corporate Board of Directors and consists of 12 officers, each of whom is elected to the lowest position on the Divan and moves up one position each year, with the exception of the Imperial Treasurer and Imperial Recorder.

The highest leadership position within Shriners International is Imperial Potentate. The Imperial Potentate is both president and chief executive officer of Shriners International, and is elected for a one-year term. He spends his year in office visiting many of the Shriner temples (chapters), attending regional meetings and visiting Shriners Hospitals for Children® locations. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors for both Shriners Hospitals for Children and Shriners International.

A similar organizational structure is followed at the local level within each temple around the world.

Knights of Columbus Golf Tournament

LAMB – Least Among My Brethren
Money goes toward children with special needs and to teachers in the school system helping these children.

Kernersville Chamber of Commerce – Brick Program

Carmine and staff are Seinfeld fans. This is just a joke for the sensitive.
Click Here to Donate money toward a new pole.