Common Volkswagen Repairs

What to Expect

Volkswagens (VW) are known for their longevity and reliability, but that doesn’t mean you won’t ever have to repair a VW vehicle. To help you get an idea of what to expect from owning a car from the German brand, Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina would like to share our experience. Here’s what our experts commonly run into with all models from Volkswagen.

General Repairs

It’s worth mentioning that Volkswagens will need the same routine upkeep and repairs as most vehicles. That includes maintenance items like brake repair, wheel alignment, tire replacement, and so on. Your car will wear after years of use, and you’ll need to invest in its care to protect its condition and value. What we want drivers to understand is that adhering to suggested maintenance services and their timeframes can help avoid further repairs! If you want to prevent engine or transmission damage and avoid those costly repairs for your Volkswagen, make sure you keep up with the small services throughout its lifetime.

Engine Repair

Despite their renowned German-engineering, Volkswagen aren’t immune to a few difficulties with their design. The brand is known to develop vehicles that need occasional engine work. You might need to replace coil packs or other ignition system parts if the car has trouble starting. You might deal with a check engine light for faulty spark plugs or oxygen sensors. These are normal things to expect from an aging vehicle.

Transmission Work

Does your Volkswagen have a manual or automatic transmission? That can make a difference in the repairs you can expect throughout its lifetime. Because manual transmissions rely on a degree of human input, they might show signs of wear more quickly than automatic ones. You can probably expect to replace a clutch or other components of the system, especially if you are new to driving a stick shift. You can prevent automatic transmission repairs by keeping up with regular service.

Whenever you need repairs for you Volkswagen, contact your local experts at Carmine’s Import Service! Our shop in Kernersville, North Carolina is equipped with OEM parts and equipment to properly repair all VW models.

Written by Carmine Cupani

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