Classic Import Service and Repair Greensboro Winston Salem High Point

Do we still service classic import cars? Of course we do. As a matter of fact Carmine started his career in this industry working with vintage Porsche 911 cars and BMW 2002 and BMW 3.0 CS coupes. He does not like to advertise it but he also has some vintage British car experience too. Never mind the older Alfa and Fiat experience he keeps quiet about. When it comes to older Jaguars he would probably steer you elsewhere as he prefers newer flavor Jaguars. Foreign Accents would be your choice for old (pre 1990) Jaguars. His classic car strengths are with BMW, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz. Whether it is just a yearly service or using special tooling to synchronize the fuel system give us a call to help you.

Written by Carmine Cupani

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