Tesla Charging Network at Carmine’s ®

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This maintenance schedule ONLY applies to owners who plan to care for their Tesla and not let it rot for the next owner. These recommendations have been developed from real-world Tesla® experience and ownership by our staff and leadership team. If you do not want to care for your Tesla the way we recommend, you […]

Winter Driving Tips – Courtesy of Tesla

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Comfort and Convenience Features Your Tesla vehicle has many features designed to optimize your cold-weather driving experience. In cold weather, vehicles use more energy to heat the battery and cabin, and it’s normal to see energy consumption increase. We have made several updates to improve your driving experience in freezing temperatures including better overall thermal […]

Tesla Tire Wear and Dirty Oil

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Every Tesla we have encountered is out of alignment. It does not matter if it is new or used.  We have checked alignments on over 8 brand new Tesla of all Models and every one of them was not within their wheel alignment specifications or anywhere close to being within a specification to protect a […]

Teslas Need Oil Changes Too!

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Yes, just about all Tesla’s have about 2 quarts in each differential and an oil filter too. If you did not know that, now you do. Pretty simple service but if you plan to put 100k miles on the car you may want to consider this every 30k miles and if you end up tracking/racing […]

Carmine’s Import Service Set EV Lap Record at VIR!

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Carmine’s Import Service was at Virginia International Raceway this week and set a new electric vehicle lap record! Driver, Johan Schwartz ran on stock tires. The time to beat was 2:55.3 and Carmine Import Service’s time was 2:50.675! Click here to read more about this incredible achievement.

The Cost of Cheap Tesla Owners

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Cheap Tesla Owners will lead to a Cheap Tesla Experience. Model S, 3, X, Y Tesla’s require maintenance just as anything else does in this world. The lack of wheel alignments will lead to tire replacement as early as 10,000 miles!. As a matter of fact, we suggest having your brand new Tesla alignment checked […]