The Uniquely Smooth Ride of Your Jaguar: What Is It and How Do You Maintain It?

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Keeping Your Jaguar’s Air Suspension System Running Comfortably with Carmine’s Import Service Over its storied history, Jaguar has become a luxury vehicle icon, renowned for its style, speed, and safety. One of the features that sets your Jaguar apart on the road, and in your heart, is the comfort of its ride, in part due […]

A Timeless Beauty, the Jaguar

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The History of Jaguar For quite some time, Jaguar has been known as one of the most prestigious car brands on the market. Whether you’ve seen them in movies or seen them on the street, seeing a Jaguar car makes you stop in your tracks almost as if you’ve seen a Jaguar itself. In this […]

Five Jaguar Facts You Didn’t Know

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Grace, Space, & Pace The luxurious Jaguar brand has always stood for a superior driving experience. The brand is owned by Land Rover Jaguar and represents a large portion of the luxury car market here in North Carolina. If you’re looking for jaguar repair, it’s important to choose a service center that understands this brand. […]