Top 5 Reasons for a Check Engine Light

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When your vehicle’s internal computer system finds an issue with your engine or any other important part, it warns you by turning on the check engine light. This warning is indicated by the engine symbol on your dashboard lighting up red, orange, amber, or yellow. The cause of an illuminated engine light might be as simple […]

Tesla Charging Network at Carmine’s ®

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This maintenance schedule ONLY applies to owners who plan to care for their Tesla and not let it rot for the next owner. These recommendations have been developed from real-world Tesla® experience and ownership by our staff and leadership team. If you do not want to care for your Tesla the way we recommend, you […]

Caliper Calamities: Give Us a Brake


What’s A Brake Caliper And Why Does It Matter To Your Land Rover Land Rover, with humble origins as a 4×4 for farmwork and heavy-duty tasks has become an iconic brand for stylish, rugged luxury SUVs. But despite its rugged nature, your Land Rover can be sidelined by poor or irregular maintenance. Our expert service […]

Carmine’s Import Service’s Best Practices for Your European-Made Automobile

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How to Keep Your European-Engineered Vehicle at Peak Performance As a masterpiece of engineering and design, we know your European automobile is your pride and joy. But are you doing everything you should to keep that European car running at peak performance? The team at Carmine’s Import Service in Kernersville, North Carolina has a few […]