The Top 5 Auto Repair Services You’ll Need in Your Lifetime

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While auto repair varies from vehicle to vehicle, there are certain services that are nearly impossible to do without. On top of just taking your vehicle to the shop whenever you suspect an issue, there are five important auto repair or maintenance services you will need to stay on top of to ensure your vehicle’s reliability on […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Check Engine Light

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When your vehicle’s internal computer system finds an issue with your engine or any other important part, it warns you by turning on the check engine light. This warning is indicated by the engine symbol on your dashboard lighting up red, orange, amber, or yellow. The cause of an illuminated engine light might be as simple […]

3 Unsettling Car Problems and How a Mechanic Can Help


For many, the prospect of a car breaking down is terrifying because of the hassle it would bring, the money it would cost, and the risks it may pose to safety. In addition, it can be stressful to have automotive trouble and have no idea what the root of the problem is. This is where a skilled mechanic comes […]

4 Signs You Need to Schedule Vehicle Maintenance Service

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Maintenance is a standard part of owning any vehicle, but many drivers aren’t sure how often to have their vehicle serviced. Far too often, they wait until there are major issues with their vehicle to reach out to a professional. Although we’re always here to get the job done, we’re also eager to help you […]

Tire Services: The Benefits of Regular Alignment, Balancing, and Rotation

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Apart from tire repairs and replacements, getting regular tire services is an essential part of European vehicle maintenance. At Carmine’s Import Service, we provide professional tire services performed by our certified automotive technicians to optimize your tire and wheel assembly’s safety and performance on the road. In this blog post, you’ll find more information about the three […]

Tesla Charging Network at Carmine’s ®

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This maintenance schedule ONLY applies to owners who plan to care for their Tesla and not let it rot for the next owner. These recommendations have been developed from real-world Tesla® experience and ownership by our staff and leadership team. If you do not want to care for your Tesla the way we recommend, you […]

What Happens When Your Mechanic Quits


All these cool new ways for everyone to get the cheapest price they can. This seems to be the current trend. The issue with this will be the long term quality and care the customer receives. It will not be anywhere near as good. You hire some random mechanic off the street approved by a […]

Why Digital Inspections Can Save Your Life

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When your vehicle visits us, you can expect a digital experience from start to finish. From the digital phones, to the digital appointment reminders, followed by in-shop digital technique and inspections to make sure your vehicle is presented to you accurately when it enters our shop to get checked. Take a look at the picture […]

Why Most Dealers Don’t Use Synthetic Oil

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Answer: Because they want to advertise to the public that they have a $69.99 oil change. Yuk. Not sure about your BMW or whatever you may drive, but my BMW is not getting $69 worth of oil. I like it too much. How do they do that? Very simple. The either don’t tell you what […]

Why Dealerships Do the Bare Minimum Service to Your Vehicle?

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This question comes up frequently. The answer in my opinion is they want you to purchase a new vehicle. They are not in the service business. They are in the new car business and must maintain franchise quotas and CSI scores or they will simply lose their dealership. The Service Department and Parts Department is a […]