The Best Shops in the Triad

Audi R8 Service and Repair

Choosing a European auto repair shop can be tricky. Make sure you choose wisely. There are a lot of newbies out there with little to no experience pretending to know something about running a business and an automotive repair facility. Some will get fooled and take a chance by their low bait pricing only to […]

The Top 5 Auto Repair Services You’ll Need in Your Lifetime

auto repair

While auto repair varies from vehicle to vehicle, there are certain services that are nearly impossible to do without. On top of just taking your vehicle to the shop whenever you suspect an issue, there are five important auto repair or maintenance services you will need to stay on top of to ensure your vehicle’s reliability on […]

Top 5 Reasons for a Check Engine Light

check engine light

When your vehicle’s internal computer system finds an issue with your engine or any other important part, it warns you by turning on the check engine light. This warning is indicated by the engine symbol on your dashboard lighting up red, orange, amber, or yellow. The cause of an illuminated engine light might be as simple […]

3 Unsettling Car Problems and How a Mechanic Can Help


For many, the prospect of a car breaking down is terrifying because of the hassle it would bring, the money it would cost, and the risks it may pose to safety. In addition, it can be stressful to have automotive trouble and have no idea what the root of the problem is. This is where a skilled mechanic comes […]

Tire Services: The Benefits of Regular Alignment, Balancing, and Rotation

tire services

Apart from tire repairs and replacements, getting regular tire services is an essential part of European vehicle maintenance. At Carmine’s Import Service, we provide professional tire services performed by our certified automotive technicians to optimize your tire and wheel assembly’s safety and performance on the road. In this blog post, you’ll find more information about the three […]

Tesla Charging Network at Carmine’s ®

tesla maintenance blog

This maintenance schedule ONLY applies to owners who plan to care for their Tesla and not let it rot for the next owner. These recommendations have been developed from real-world Tesla® experience and ownership by our staff and leadership team. If you do not want to care for your Tesla the way we recommend, you […]

This is Really NOT Your Charger

tesla battery cables

Many get confused about charging.  I will try to simplify charging in this short post. There are a few types of charging that we use today. Level 1 which would be coming from your normal outlet at home, Level 2 which would be like a dryer type outlet or an outlet that is 220v+ and […]

Land Rover Service

range rover blog

Land Rover service and Land Rover repair at a quality independent Bosch Authorized Service center. What are you waiting for? Dealership? I don’t think so. Don’ flush your money down the toilet. Give us a call if you are serious about taking care of your Land Rover Range Rover vehicle. We will give you the […]

Öhlins – Advanced Suspension Technology Available for All Makes

BMW Ohlins RT

Carmine now offers Öhlins for your road and track car. We are an authorized dealer and installer of these fine products. Call now to experience how Öhlins shocks can change your whole perception of handling.  Combine with proper spring rates and valving through 3DM Motorsport instead of off the shelf competitor products, we can offer you a […]

BMW F30 328i IMSA to HPDE Track Car Project, the New E30

bmw f30 328i for track

BMW Service for the Track Stay tuned…….Very exciting newer 2012 up BMW track car information coming.  Looking for a BMW to take to the track? Look no further than the affordable 2012 and up 328 and 330 cars.  Once all the little things are ironed out, you will have a great track car.  Consider it […]