Caliper Calamities: Give Us a Brake

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What’s A Brake Caliper And Why Does It Matter To Your Land Rover

BrakeRepairPhoto1Land Rover, with humble origins as a 4×4 for farmwork and heavy-duty tasks has become an iconic brand for stylish, rugged luxury SUVs. But despite its rugged nature, your Land Rover can be sidelined by poor or irregular maintenance. Our expert service technicians at Kernersville, North Carolina’s Carmine’s Import Service have the in-depth knowledge required to anticipate common issues before they arise, as well as the technical know-how necessary to keep your Land Rover in beautiful working order.

A common Land Rover repair issue is that of a malfunctioning or faulty brake caliper. Brake calipers are an integral part of your Land Rover’s disc brake system, which applies the brake pads to your vehicle’s wheels when you brake. As you use your brakes every time you operate your Land Rover, they can fall victim to wear and tear issues, especially given the amount of stress and pressure they take in doing their job in your automobile. Exposure to extreme conditions, especially heat, can also compromise the seals, causing brake fluid leaks that can corrode and weaken your calipers. As such, your brakes, and your brake calipers need regular maintenance and replacement.

Faulty brakes put you, your passengers, and everyone else on the road at risk. If your Land Rover is having any of the following issues, don’t wait to bring it into Carmine’s Import Service for a brake service: drifting or pulling to one side while braking; brakes being sluggish, requiring extra effort, or failing entirely; a strong metallic burning smell while driving; wobbling or vibrating steering, or you discover your brake calipers are leaking fluid. Any of these issues are cause for immediate concern and for a prompt appointment with our skilled service technicians for a thorough brake service.

The easiest way to keep your Land Rover, and its brakes, working well, regardless, is routine service with an auto repair shop that knows Land Rovers, and no one knows Land Rovers better in Kernersville, North Carolina than Carmine’s Import Service. Even if your brakes are currently working well, Land Rover still recommends brake caliper replacement every 75,000 miles of driving or after seven to ten years. Call or stop by to schedule your Land Rover service today.