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bmw engineBMW Service Experience Made Easy

Don’t get sucked into the dealership bait and switch prices and mentality or the value they tell you they offer you. It is a pure 1980s bait and switch program designed to get you in the door, charge you a bunch of money and not do anything. Have you ever felt like that at a shop? You give the shop $900 or whatever and all they did was an oil change. You are standing there thinking what! Give us a call or text us and we will help you.

Customers fall into these categories. Leased or purchased new and just need owners manual maintenance. No problem we can do that. Guess what? BMW no longer offers you 4 years worth of coverage through your warranty on the FREE maintenance. They pulled it. No more wiper blades either. Not more brake rotors. They turn them. They don’t replace unless it is mandatory. In other words they don’t care. It is ALL about profit. Soon they will pull the 36k maintenance too which is merely nothing but 2-3 oil services and a filter.

BMW Service Tips

Then there is the customer who purchases the car to drive from point A to point B and only changes oil and rotates tires and keeps the car clean but doesn’t care if it blows up. We can help you too. Then there is the customer who purchases the BMW as an investment and wants to care for the car for 7-10 years and put 250k miles on it. Perfect. That is where we come in 100%. There is good news here. The newer cars last much longer when cared for and drive like they are new with 150k miles on them. We actually have proof. We own a 2014 528 F Chassis which is the new body that has 120,000 miles and it drives like it did off the showroom floor with some minor wear and tear and its a loaner car! Imagine the abuse it gets and neglect. Hey we are to blame too. Sometimes our own stuff gets overlooked because it is loaned out. But we keep up with the oil service, spark plug service, antifreeze coolant service, differential service, brake fluid service, induction service, and even the air conditioning service.

Yes we service the air conditioning system before it fails yearly so it won’t fail and you get the peace of mind being protected by the BG lifetime protection plan. Preventive maintenance like air filters, cabin filters, seat filters, are very important these days. Oil and filter services should be performed every 5,000 miles. We even offer digital health reports to help you manage your vehicle health status and remind you automatically when something is due. If you own a BMW this is the shop it needs to be at. Carmine has been driving BMWs for 25 years! He has owned just about every series they make. We know a thing or two.