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BMW Service Motorsport M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 Cars Maintenance and Care

BMW Service Motorsport M2 M3 M4 M5 M6 Cars Maintenance and Care

You have an ///M car but have no clue where to go or what to do to it. Let me make this simple for you. ALL BMW M cars require extra care and premium BMW service. Yes. The dealer is wrong. For the most part this is what needs to be done aside from regular ‘owners manual’ maintenance and independent shop recommendations like ours. Change Oil More Frequently Especially When On Track – 3500 miles. Redline Synthetics. Engine Rod Bearing Replacement – 30,000 miles for track use, 50,000 miles for street use. Yep. If you are on track move your fluid services to an earlier interval. All of them. We recommend Redline Synthetic in Motorsport vehicles. Yes the S55 is also affected by rod bearings. Not just the prior M cars. Also take your oil analysis and frame it for good luck. If your oil analysis provider is willing to purchase a new Motorsport engine for you then great, stop reading now. The fact is you have a Motorsport vehicle and it is driven differently and needs to be treated differently. Do the earlier M2’s have a fake M engine? No. They just have a slightly tuned N55. Nothing wrong with this. Think 1M. Same concept. The S55 was placed into the M2 in competition form and of course they will soon release the typical M2 GTS or CS or whatever the marketing department sees fit. The important thing here is that you take care of your M car. Gearbox oil services including DCT and the 8HP in the new M5. Yes they took away the DCT. Actually that is a great thing. It is a better and more reliable transmission. Oh, it is much less expensive to maintain too and shifts faster. Yep. It does. They use this in many high horsepower cars. It is the perfect Automatic. We have one in our F car 528 and it is simply beautiful, even with 120,000 miles on it.

BMW Service for Motorsport Vehicle

There are many steps you can take on a Motorsport vehicle to make it reliable and last. You must let us know what your plans are with it so we understand your needs for your BMW service. Track, some track, street, some street, appearance, pure motorsport, whatever. Everyone has their preference. Just because you own a Motorsport BMW does not mean you need to track it. Should you? Yes. Is it capable right off the showroom floor? Of course. Are there upgrades that need to be done if I have an advanced driver? Of course. What are they? Brake pads, fluids, and tires, just to name a few. We went through a full set of stock Motorsport F80 M3 brake pads in one weekend and warped the rotors at VIR on our previous Yas Marina DINAN car. What suspensions to we recommend? It depends. Mainly we will recommend the Öhlins Road and Track kit. After testing the Motion Control System on our F30 we realize that the Öhlins kits are much better. The lower end Öhlins kits trounce the top of the line kit found on IMSA race cars. The TTX kits from Öhlins are even better. These are the suspensions found on BMWs factory track cars. They don’t advertise that though. For more information and real hands on care and knowledge on your BMW Motorsport vehicle give us a call. Whether it is an E30 M3 or an F80 M3 we have answers. Lots of them. Street and track. If you are racing we are probably not the shop for you. If you are the HPDE driver we are the track car shop and street car shop for you. Yes you can talk to Carmine if you need to. No problem. He offers direct meetings if you need to discuss a project.
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Written by Carmine Cupani