BMW Secondary Air Clogs, Codes and Problems

Posted by Carmine's ®

BMW Service Alert

If you own a 2002-2010 BMW 5 or 7 series or even some 3 series and X series you probably have already have experienced the problem.

bmw check engingCheck engine light on.  Car runs fine. This is a problem that plagued the pre-owned BMW market for years now due to a poor design combined with lack of maintenance, poor choice of gasoline, extended oil service intervals along with many other factors. For starters please start running Shell 93 octane in your car or something that is not from a wholesaler.  Cheaper is NOT better. It will cost you in the long run.  Let me get to the good part for the customer.  This repair had a cost attached to it that could approach $5,000 and sometimes even $7,000 at some dealerships to clean this system properly.

Carmine and his team of experts have developed a way to clean this secondary air system properly and keep the check engine light off from this problem due to clogging for a fraction of that cost that is now affordable to everyone. Yes we drop the engine out of the car just like we did before.  That is a must.  Everything else is a secret.  But you end up happy.  No more clogged ports, especially if you properly maintain the car with good gasoline and maintenance, and no more check engine light.

Some of the cars to mention are the BMW 545, BMW 745, BMW 550, BMW 750 that are born with these issues and get worse over time. Sick of this problem?  Sick of your shop that has no clue what they are doing? We have lots of these in the Triad now.

Reliable BMW Service

Give us a call. We can take care of this for you quickly and reliably.  You can also save while your engine is out and choose some maintenance items that you would normal pay full price and get those done at half the cost in some cases.  No more $5,000 secondary air bills.  Those days are over.  If you have a smoking car we can fix this too while the engine is out for not much more money either and you still will not have to spend the thousands you have been for these repair.  You ever hear of valve stem seals?  I am sure you have.  Ask us about taking care of this too.  We are ahead of the curve.  Big time ahead.