BMW Oil Leaks

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BMW Service for Oil Leaks

oil spotA BMW will leak oil at some point.  This does not mean they are bad cars.  They just leak oil.  Getting them repaired properly is very important.  There are a lot of shops out there that claim to have the “dealer certified technicians” and they are “factory trained” and so on.  It is all a bunch of smoke and mirrors.  If they were factory trained they would be working the assembly line at the factory. If they are certified by the manufacturer and leave the dealership they are no longer certified.

Find a shop that has the necessary equipment and the experience with BMW service to properly repair your BMW Valve Cover Gasket, BMW Oil Pan Gasket, and BMW Oil Filter Housing Gasket. Check out the special engine hoist in the picture to properly support your engine while removing the sub frame to repair the vehicle. These oil leaks are also misdiagnosed by many technicians so be careful who you choose.  You also may want to ask about changing or checking your engine rod bearings while the oil pan is down if the vehicle has over 100k miles. If you own a BMW Motorsport vehicle then the rod bearings should be replaced earlier, especially when on a racetrack.