BMW 328i F30 Project HPDE Track Car Update

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Custom BMW Service

We Don’t build race cars. We make your street car trackable with this special BMW service. Yes we can also do other custom things too. Just ask. Need your trailer custom outfitted with cool stuff? We can do that too. Come see ours and pick out what you want and what you need. We can offer suggestions too from our experience. Some things are simply not needed.

We prepared the BMW F30 Project car through the winter to meet our needs. Being a retired IMSA car we needed to make some minor adjustments so we could drive it as a track car for our purposes. First thing we did was adjust the driver seat and bracket. Connor welded a new seat bracket addition and he also added a custom passenger seat bracket and seat so a passenger can ride along. We will most likely limit passengers to head restraint users who are employees and Carmine’s students and maybe add some charity lap passengers for a good cause. We cleaned the interior up, adjusted some things to our liking, had the fuel cell quick fill switched out the the standard pump fill ATL offers and made some minor suspension tweaks and tire adjustments. We also added an AIM camera system integrated into the MoTec system inside the car for engine management. Roll bar padding was added for passenger use and anything worn out was replaced. We took the car to the Full and North course configurations at VIR for track testing. The car did well. The tiny four cylinder has ample power to exit corners strongly and the chassis is very stiff.

BMW Service – Race Track

We will be installing an F30 track dedicated Öhlins kit in place of the Motion Control Kit currently installed on the car. The current setup has remote reservoirs and was the choice for the IMSA racing series at the time. While the car will be tested with a dedicated track and Road and Track Öhlins setup it will end up with the Öhlins TTX setup in case the car enters another racing series and needs additional adjustments. The fact is the regular Road & Track Öhlins setup with proper spring rates and one knob to turn is going to perform better than this very expensive MCS setup currently on the car. We will provide you with more details and things unfold. While the car turns in nicely and turns great laps with the MCS setup, the Öhlins suspension will offer a more controllable, refined, and comfortable environment without beating up the car and tearing tires up. The one thing be did notice with the MCS setup is the car tends to be unstable and harsh over rumble strips which is something Öhlins cured with their DFV or Dual Flow Valve technology. It is hard to believe that club racers are still running the JRZ and MCS setups while these Öhlins kits are found on most all factory Motorsport cars. Maybe they just need a little taste. While we will be doing some more testing on the MCS kit through the end of April we should have the F30 fitted with proper Öhlins dampers and alignments settings by the end of April, 2019. These Öhlins kits come off the shelf ready to go with race car like handling with the turn of one knob. The DFV takes care of the rest.

There will be a dedicated track lineup for the serious track only and race machine and of course there is always the top of the line TTX line which is light years ahead of anything KW, JRZ, or MCS has in stock. Camber plates are offered as complete setups and EDC cancellation is a breeze by means of their plug and play kits or your independent shop ‘coding’ the EDC system out. Enjoy some VIR Full course video in a BMW F30 manual transmission N20 car below. This car was originally owned by BimmerWorld and they campaigned it in the IMSA series for 5 years. After many years of development they have worked out many of the 4 cylinder worries working with Roush Engines and other industry experts making the 328 and 330 4 cylinder a car to consider for a track car. This may be your next E30. They drive that good when lightened up and have a decent suspension. Skip the E46 and the E90. Move right along to the F30. The 4 cylinder makes some interesting sounds too. It is not too boring like many will tell you. It is just different.

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