Timing Belt Replacement

The timing belt is what synchronizes the cam and crankshafts in your engine and keeps the entire car running smoothly. For everything to work properly, the timing belt, has to perfectly sync the valves with the motion of the pistons.

Transmission Repair Replacement Service

The transmission is what directs the power of your cars engine to the wheels at the steady speed to provide the best balance of performance and fuel efficiency even under the most extreme load or temperature conditions.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake pads are a key component in your vehicles braking system. As the brakes are applied their contact with the brake rotors are what allow you to stop.

Porsche IMS Solution, Intermediate Shaft Bearing

IMS Retrofit vs IMS Solution Should I Apply The “IMS Retrofit” Or The IMS Solution To My Engine? One thing is for sure, if you have an engine with the factory single row IMS bearing, the only bad decision that you can make is not replacing the IMS bearing!

BMW i3 Service Brief Tour and What to Look Forward To

Our BMW service test vehicle is a 2015 BMW i3. Lots of this information will apply to other EV and even some Hybrid vehicles out there.  Different professionals may have different opinions and recommendations. We are learning, and training just like everyone else should be doing for BMW i3 service and BMW i3 repair along with

Where Do I Take My Hybrid or EV Car for Service?

Carmine’s is certified to take care of your Hybrid and electric car. Should you go to just anyone? Absolutely not. Chances are they will break your car. I promise. Most shops have no training and no clue. We do. Whether you have a BMW i3, Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf, Fiat 500e, Chevrolet Volt, Toyota Highlander,

Keeping Your Intake Valves Clean

Today’s newer direct injected vehicles will not keep your intake valves clean. Every 40k miles, inspection of the intake valves is very important, and if they are dirty a Walnut Shell Blasting machine can be used to properly clean them.

Automatic Transmission Service and Repair ZF 6HP

At Carmine’s Import Service we can service or repair your automatic transmission. We recommend a 40,000 mile interval on filter and fluid to extend the life of your transmission. We also recommend, especially on ZF transmissions, to perform a preventive shift quality service to further extend the life and also to avoid a breakdown. Check