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Volkswagen Through the Years

A Personal History Many auto enthusiasts and collectors have a fond personal history with the Volkswagen vehicle line–especially those who are beyond that “golden” age of 50 or individuals who love antique cars. Part of that group grew up riding in the open top storage compartment behind the seats of a Beetle (before child safety […]

How Porsches are Identified

It’s a Porsche! You may hear a lot of chatter among enthusiasts and owners about exactly what a particular Porsche is called. We’re glad to explain a little bit about coding and naming to you, but don’t sweat the small details. After all, it’s a Porsche! It’s your dream car! To keep that beloved vehicle […]

Absolute Best Service for Your Mercedes-Benz

The Importance of Service and Repair You finally bought your dream car. Now what? Keep your Mercedes-Benz in its absolute best condition by performing scheduled preventive maintenance services A and B as recommended by the manufacturer. The Mercedes-Benz auto line is known for performance, style, and longevity. Even so, as an owner, you have to […]


Cheap Tesla Owners will lead to a Cheap Tesla Experience.   Model S, 3, X, Y   Tesla’s require maintenance just as anything else does in this world. The lack of wheel alignments will lead to tire replacement as early as 10,000 miles!. As a matter of fact, we suggest having your brand new Tesla […]

Preventive Maintenance Services For Your BMW

Countdown to Service To enjoy your vehicle and help it hold its value, it’s best practice to keep your car well maintained through a regular schedule of routine preventive maintenance services. When your auto of choice is a BMW, the manufacturer helps you with understanding and remembering service points by numbering the visits as Service […]

German Car Service Tips

What’s Special About German Cars? You chose a German import because it was different, not a cookie-cutter copy of every other auto on the road. But is there something different about its service needs? Yes. While there are some commonalities between all vehicles regarding upkeep, there are some considerations unique to your car from “the […]

Fun, Foreign, Fiat: A Brief History

Don’t Go Past-a Our Shop Sorry! We couldn’t resist. We all know that the Fiat is an Italian car, and we know that Italy is also famous for pasta. All kidding aside, if you love your Fiat, don’t pass on the opportunity to get reliable service and repair without driving to a larger town or […]

Get to Know Us!

Carmine’s Import Service At Carmine’s Import Service, we are the authority on European import vehicles in the Triad. We were founded on being the best – the best place to bring your vehicle with the best warranty and the best technicians. Come see the difference at Carmine’s Import Service. Check out our video below to […]