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From Fault to Fix in Honda Repair & Service

Your Accord or Odyssey will endure typical wear and tear as the miles add up over time, no matter how well you treat it. You’ll want to stay current with all your Honda repair & service needs on a regular basis, while making sure the most capable automotive professionals are handling your Honda from fault to fix. The place for this is Carmine’s Auto Care in Kernersville, NC, just outside Winston-Salem. We pride ourselves as automotive specialists and hold the expertise to handle all Honda repair & service across the entire Honda model line.

Honda Repair & Service Made Simple

As the auto repair authority in the Winston-Salem area, Carmine’s Auto Care has been serving Honda drivers in Kernersville and throughout Forsyth County since 2008 with Honda repair & service made simple. All procedures are conducted by our ASE-Certified technicians who pay full attention to every detail along the way. From an oil change on a Civic, to the steering on a Pilot, to the suspension on a Ridgeline, we guarantee a precise outcome every time, no matter how small or large the job. Honda repair & service at Carmine’s Auto Care is covered by our 3-year/36,000-mile warranty.

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Your Honda Repair & Service Satisfaction

The most complete Honda repair & service process includes much more than the immediate issue. Here at Carmine’s Auto Care, we employ the very latest industry technology to conduct a comprehensive digital inspection of your Honda, including photos of all components. You’ll have a long-term Honda health plan in hand, along with our expert advice, allowing you to make informed decisions on your own schedule. Carmine’s Auto Care strives for 100% customer satisfaction in Honda repair & service, all within a state-of-the-art facility like no other.