Alfa Romeo Giulia Tire Problem

Posted by Carmine's ®

alfa romeo tire blogWhy will the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio need tires at 7,500 miles? Because that beast comes with racing tires from the factory rated at a 60 Tread-wear. This means they are very sticky and grippy and will pickup all sorts of rocks and debris but will hold curves like no other.

It also means just about every oil service you will need tires. If you are changing the oil in that car every 5,000 miles like you are suppose to we are hoping you can make it to 10,000 miles with the original tires and then get you fitted with something more reasonable. The tires installed on that car were for a purpose. To make sure their competition was not going to have a chance. It worked. We have a less expensive solution to the race tire situation. Whether you are a weekend track driver or just a street driver our solution will serve both.