A Timeless Beauty, the Jaguar

The History of Jaguar


For quite some time, Jaguar has been known as one of the most prestigious car brands on the market. Whether you’ve seen them in movies or seen them on the street, seeing a Jaguar car makes you stop in your tracks almost as if you’ve seen a Jaguar itself. In this article, we’re going to take a brief look at the history of Jaguar and how the company got to where they are today.


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Founded in 1945 by William Lyons,

Jaguar Cars Limited was named after a vehicle previously developed by Lyons when the company was formerly known as the Swallow Sidecar Company. Lyons believed the name Jaguar was more “distinctive” than any other foreign name and other competitors. Focusing its production on luxury sports cars, Jaguar found an opportunity in creating vehicles that used premium materials and maintained reliability, while still preserving its sports car presence on the road.


In 1948,

Jaguar released its first sports car, the XK120, and it would soon become Jaguar’s signature model for the next two decades. By the 1950s, the Jaguar brand had exploded in the car market as many people fell in love with its unique design and luxury features. However, with the steel shortage following World War II, Jaguar struggled to keep up with customer demand, leading to new partnerships that allowed the brand to keep providing its customers with luxury vehicles.


After many years of success, Jaguar found itself in yet another steel shortage after a partnership turned sour. To maintain production levels, Jaguar merged with British Motor Holdings in 1965 before being its own company shortly afterward. In 1999, Jaguar became an integral part of Ford’s Premier Auto Group and was soon after sold to new ownership as part of a package deal with Land Rover.



Jaguar continues to be a leading name in luxury vehicles. With several luxury vehicles such as the XE, XF, and XJ, Jaguar maintains its place among the ranks of luxury car brands thanks in part to their unique look and incredible power.


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Written by Carmine Cupani

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