A Little League Roll Bar

This is why we don’t let customers supply their own parts. The tale of a Boys and Girls Roll Bar purchase. See pictures. It is not about price. Customers love to shop online. I do. In this case the customer paid a premium for a piece of junk. The problem is, when you have no clue what you are doing as this customer, you have no clue what to purchase. I have done it myself in areas outside my expertise. In these photos you will see a way overpriced, poorly made, and powder coated… (Well that is what they told the customer. It was sprayed with a can of cheap paint and wrapped with cheap packaging. We told the customer about the quality too. They didn’t want to hear the truth) …roll bar for a BMW 2 series. As you can see in the photos this bar does not even fit properly. We gave the customer the option to install the bar properly by modifying it so it would be suitable and safe for a race track but they declined and chose a street application only. The mounting points were not suitable to leave alone and just bolt in for the car to go to the race track. We offered several options but declined. I guess looks are more important. When you buy a roll bar from an art studio instead of listening to an expert, this is the result. Very sad but deserved in the end for not listening. That is why the rule sticks. No customer supplied parts. Bad for us. Bad for the customer. Bad for business. Great for the online store that sold it though. It just never ends. This was a nice car too. We are here to do one thing. Provide an above quality service to customers who appreciate being pampered.

Written by Carmine's ®