March 2019 - Carmine’s Import Service

BMW Service

BMW Service Experience Made Easy Don’t get sucked into the dealership bait and switch prices and mentality or the value they tell you they offer you. It is a pure 1980s bait and switch program designed to get you in the door, charge you a bunch of money and not do anything. Have you ever […]

Land Rover Service

Land Rover service and Land Rover repair at a quality independent Bosch Authorized Service center. What are you waiting for? Dealership? I don’t think so. Don’ flush your money down the toilet. Give us a call if you are serious about taking care of your Land Rover Range Rover vehicle. We will give you the […]

Porsche Boxster Cayman 996 997 991 GT3 GT4

You own a Porsche. You are craving someone who knows your car. Well. Here we are. With more real experience than anyone else in our area you are in the right hands. Yearly Porsche Maintenance? No problem. Keeping your Porsche forever and want to preserve it? We got you. Tracking your Porsche and you want […]

Classic Import Service and Repair Greensboro Winston Salem High Point

Do we still service classic import cars? Of course we do. As a matter of fact Carmine started his career in this industry working with vintage Porsche 911 cars and BMW 2002 and BMW 3.0 CS coupes. He does not like to advertise it but he also has some vintage British car experience too. Never […]