Why Digital Inspections Can Save Your Life

When your vehicle visits us, you can expect a digital experience from start to finish. From the digital phones, to the digital appointment reminders, followed by in-shop digital technique and inspections to make sure your vehicle is presented to you accurately when it enters our shop to get checked.

What Happens When Your Mechanic Quits

All these cool new ways for everyone to get the cheapest price they can. This seems to be the current trend. The issue with this will be the long term quality and care the customer receives. It will not be anywhere near as good. You hire some random mechanic off the street approved by a […]

Why Most Dealers Don’t Use Synthetic Oil

Answer: Because they want to advertise to the public that they have a $69.99 oil change. Yuk. Not sure about your BMW or whatever you may drive, but my BMW is not getting $69 worth of oil. I like it too much. How do they do that? Very simple. The either don’t tell you what […]

Why Dealerships Do the Bare Minimum Service to Your Vehicle?

This question comes up frequently. The answer in my opinion is they want you to purchase a new vehicle. They are not in the service business. They are in the new car business and must maintain franchise quotas and CSI scores or they will simply lose their dealership.

Engine Smoking? May Need a Valve Stem Seal Replacement

Well…..let me guess. You probably followed the manufacturer recommendations and you ruined your engine and now you are reading this? Maybe not. Anyway. Change your oil and filter every 5,000 miles and you could possible avoid big repair costs. Maintenance is key. Manufacturers are in business to sell you one thing. A new car. Give […]

A Little League Roll Bar

This is why we don’t let customers supply their own parts. The tale of a Boys and Girls Roll Bar purchase. See pictures. It is not about price. Customers love to shop online. I do. In this case the customer paid a premium for a piece of junk. The problem is, when you have no […]

Timing Belt Tensioner Replacement

The timing belt tensioner is what applies pressure to the timing belt, keeping it tight and running smoothly. When something goes wrong, it is often the tensioner that is the cause and not the timing belt itself.

Water Pump Replacement

Your vehicle’s water pump is one of the most important parts of your car’s engine. To keep your car running it is crucial to maintain engine temperature and It is the job of the water pump to continually circulate coolant through your vehicle’s engine and back through the radiator so that it doesn’t overheat.

Wheel Bearing Replacement

Wheel bearings are a set of small steel balls or rollers that support the wheel and allow it to spin freely. Unusual noises, such as clicks, rumbles, and groans that change with the vehicles speed may mean that the bearings are worn and an inspection may be necessary.

Brake Rotor Replacement

Brake rotors are another critical component of the braking system, responsible for bringing your vehicle to a safe and complete stop.

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